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Welcome to the Life at anime world Wiki Edit

welcome to the life at anime wiki were you can create an anime series.

rules warning the examples in this section are not meant to offend peopleEdit

no underaged users ( under 13) Edit

first offence: your wikia account will be disabled.

no sockpuppeting (see this page for more info) Edit

first offence: your alternate account gets banned forever, and your normal account's block will be twice as long.

no vandalism (see this page for more info) Edit

first offence: 1 day block

second offence: 1 week block

third offence: 1 month block, later blocks extend by 1 month

if you write sexually explicit stories, pls put a warning. Edit

first offence: warning

second offence: 2 week block, later blocks extend by 2 weeks

no opinion disrespecting eg. ''you hate shrek?! i hope you die! Edit

first offence: warning second  offence: 2 day block

third offence: 3 week block (extends by 3 weeks for the rest of the offences)

no racism/homophobia/offending disabilities eg. ''go back to mexico'' ''gays aren't real men'' ''autistic people are retarded'' (religon offending counts as opinion disrespecting, and if you are racist or homophobic keep it to yourself) Edit

first offence: 1 week block

second offence: 1 month block (later blocks extend by 1 month)

no porn (this applies to hentai too.)Edit

first offence: 3 week block

second offence: 45 day block

third offence: Permament block

do not insult other people or their families/friends/pets (unless it's a joke that does not offend other people) eg. ''you and your family are demons'' ''your cat should be euthinised'' ''your friends are nazis''Edit

first offence: warning

second offence: 1 day block

third offence: 5 day block

fourth offence: 2 week block, later blocks extend by 2 weeks

Latest activityEdit

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